2014 Blog Update from CD:

2013 for the band has been outstanding. The line-up of me, Don Montana, Mike Fish, Chris Kliemann, and Mike Marinig is now in its fourth year, since Spoons joined us just prior to a Bill Mattocks joint show and our first Sunbanks appearance. Not as long as many bands, but the longest running unchanged musical association of my career. We still like each other, work well with each other, and make great music together. All five of us look around the room and realize that our current "magic" wouldn't work with different musicians. So we do various jokes about how it would be harder to leave a cult than quit the band. 

We started the year with most of the recording for our new album in the can, but behind schedule for when we intended release and had told the album backers. We were fortunate to get the attention of publicist Betsie Brown and be worthy of being one of her "emerging artists" for Blind Raccoon. We can pat ourselves on the back for making a great album, but without the hard work of Blind Raccoon, we'd likely just be the same "great but overlooked" band that we've been since the formation. 

We have been getting a weekly spin on Seattle's #1 morning radio program, The Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Show on 102.5 KZOK FM with our delightfully stupid theme to their weekly "Where in the World has Sarah's Beaver Been?" (I often have to stop here for the uninitiated: a big prize for identifying the location of the weekly picture of a cute beaver plush toy.) TheSarahs Beaver segment reaches a huge audience outside of our usual sphere, and Danny and the rest of the cast have said a lot of nice things about us on their program over the past year and a half or so. 

The critical and fan appreciation of the album has been overwhelming. The "funny" but consistent comment is "I like every song except "x"; which, first of all, means that 9 out of 10 hit (better than most of the albums I've bought) and second, the "miss" is almost always a different song… I take that as when you average out the listener's tastes, we did way better than most bands can hope for.

We charted for the first time. Ones that we know of include Blues Debut, France's October airplay chart, and especially the Roots Music Report, where we're still peaking. We ended the year at more than six moths straight of being #1 from WA state, and breaking into the top ten at #8 for the Top 50 blues radio airplay chart. 

I wish that I knew all the stations that submit for that list. Besides wishing I could plant a wet, sloppy kiss on each of them, I'd like to know where to plan to tour. Europe, Australia, central Canada, the midwest and northeast US have all shown a lot of love and interest in us over the past six months. "Blues Keep Me Right Here", Mean Jenny", "Pawn Shop", "Monday Night" and "Been So Long" have all frequently popped up on the playlists that have been forwarded to us. There are many friends in the NW who are DJs and who have spun our tracks, time and my location limit what i can listen to, so while saying a big warm thanks to everyone, I want to especially thank Jim Hilmar and KSER for having me on; (and I'll be on there with Clancy Dunigan soon) John Kessler and All Blues; Marlee Walker, Jonathan Oogie Richards, and "Sweet Danny Ray" Dan O'Bryant for the big combined broadcast during the release of the album. Also I'm grateful for the Blues Palace on KMHD for regular radio rotation and the support of the Cascade Blues Association; with their support we are FINALLY playing in Portland. (looking forward to two appearances in March) Hopefully hometown of Salem/Keizer soon, too. 

We're gearing up for our trip to Memphis. I think after a few months, and amongst friends it might be OK to say we were a bit disappointed in the results of the IBC semi-finalband competition at the time. With that off my chest, Bakin' Phat is an outstanding band who are a great bunch of guys, and we predict great things from them… 'cause the last time we heard that we lost by a point, WIRED! went and won the whole shootin' match. We're rooting for all of the NW representatives. 

But the real big IBC surprise came later. We're in the finals for the self-produced CD competition. I've heard alternatively that "Monday NIght!" is either the only other CD for WA or from the NW that has made the final round since The Randy Oxford Band did it for "Memphis to Motown". I know it's the second from WA, I just am very surprised given the strength of all of the Portland band's releases over the past ten years. If someone will either confirm or point out any other NW recording, I would be much appreciative. 

Whew, this isn't al of it, but there's only so long you can go with a great year in review. And we're expecting to make more great things in 2014. Details for our Video Shoot/Memphis Return Party on Feb. 1st will be up soon. we won't go back in the studio until we're confident we have a new record just as good as this one, but we're working hard to make that goal happen soon. We're hoping to meet people in Memphis and make business parnterships that will allow us to make The CD Woodbury Band a touring entity, and a business that can support five full time musicians (instead of a unemployed software tester, three construction guys, and an air-conditioning and heating specialist) 

I thank the support of the WBS, our families, friends and fellow musicians from all of the great Washington bands, Blues DJs, writers, and all of the fans that have come out to our shows. Expect great things from the CD Woodbury Band in 2014.

Spring 2013

Hello Blues Fans! As I write this, we are on the verge of the official release of our first studio album "Monday Night!" We are already getting some airplay All... Over... The... World... We have strong expectations, and I'm certain many of you have the same. We're willing to work hard to make those things happen in 2013. 

A great deal of our radio interest is directly due to our association with Blind Raccoon and Betsie Brown. www.blindraccoon.com

We have new T-shirts and are working to make the new design available at our webstore along with the previoius edition. 

We have a few festival appearances this summer, including a return to the fabulous Sunbanks Blues Festival in September. 

Thanks for your support!

- CD

The Band Has Been Busy in 2012!

12-12-2012: It's been a while since we've last posted news here, but not for a lack of activity.

Some highlights...

We won the KZOK - Danny Bonaduce and Sarah in the Morning Show song contest and "Where's Sarah's Beaver" is played weekly at 7:50 am on Fridays every week they're live, along with the usual cast sing-along. We also got to meet the cast live on air and folded the $300 prize into our recording fund. 

Our Kickstarter project for the recording was successful! We join fellow NW artist Cee Cee James as one of the first Blues projects to get successful funding through Kickstarter.com. Seriously, they did not even list blues as an available genre at the time we did this. Big thanks to our fans and backers, and to Kickstarter for making this a reality.

The band wrote 10 original songs that made the cut for this album, "Monday Night!"
- Monday Night
- Pleasure's All Mine
- Mean Jenny
- These Blues Keep Me Right Here
- Pawn Shop
- Two Wheels (2012 re-write)
- Burn the Bridge 
- Been So Long
- Ring-A-Ding
- SauBall Blues

As of this entry, 90% of the tracks have been recorded, with the last scheduled day on the 18th at the Rec Room in Everett. Chip Butters and Buttersound Studios has been capturing an amazing "organic" sound. We're taking the risk of recording the bulk of the tracks live onstage without a click-track and otherwise minimizing the usual studio trickery (that often gets pristine, perfect tracks, but makes modern "sterile" sounding records) We take that risk because we have that level of confidence in each others abilities and the sum of the parts being our greatest aspect. 

"It may have my name in the group title, but the stress should be on BAND. This recording won't be my showcase, it's about five guys that play their butts off, on every stage they find." - CD. 

And if that weren't all; tracks from the new CD have been requested for the upcoming documentary "Bezango, WA". Bezango, WA chronicles the art, history and lives of prominent Pacific Northwest cartoonists and comic artists. Produced by Ron Austin and Louise Amandes.


A Studio Recording?

4/10/2012 - Upcoming News for the CD Woodbury Band: With our most recent rehearsal and song writing session, the CD Woodbury Band are approaching the point where we believe that we have enough strong material to release our first studio recording. While it's easy for poor and unemployed musicians to write blues tunes, it's quite a bit tougher to raise the funds to do a studio album properly...

For many tech and social-media savvy people, Kickstarter is old news, but I'm wondering how many blues fans are familiar with this. I've had many of our friends approach me and ask how they can help with band projects. Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. In the next few months, we plan to make our presentation to our friends and fans asking for your help to make this project possible.

Look for the link to that here soon.

Besides writing songs I think you'll love, and leading the best blues band around, I'm going to be taking the time to make sure that I'm doing this right. We keep plotting to take this to a higher level, because I believe in my team and I believe in our fans.

Thank you,


Spring 2012 Update

4-01-2012: Hello Blues Fans! Things are quieter than normal... too quiet! So we've been digging in and writing originals. We're planning to put together a studio recording soon. We will keep you informed!

Also, we've been getting just a bit of Seattle airplay on KZOK on Danny Bonaduce in the Morning. The call went out for a song for their weekly contest "Where has Sarah's Beaver Been?" and we answered that call with a little bit-'o-boogie. At the time of this writing, no one has "won" but we are held up as the standard to beat. We've promised the folks at KZOK that if we win the $300 prize, we'll take those funds and make a studio recording of "Where's Sarah's Beaver?"

Check the updated calendar for when we'll be playing near you!

July Update

7-20-2011: Calendar update. We have added a few dates, including a trip to Electric City in September and not one, not two, but three new local venues for the band. There is one thing that we really need when we perform someplace new: YOU! Please come join us,

Also: We have not yet added our Taste of Snohomish appearance and our time slot for the WBS IBC Finals, both in Snohomish. We will add those as soon as we get the information.


Summer 2011

6-25-2011: Big update to the page today. You can now purchase our Live CD online! Also, updates to our Bio and What People Say sections. We recently did an all acoustic show for the WBS, where we introduced both The Jazz Stick and vocalist Michelle Kliemann to a wider audience. We are also stoked to be moving on to the Finals for being the WBS representatives at the IBC in Memphis next year, on Sunday, Aug. 21st at the Taste of Snohomish. We are also a month away from our gig at the Mt. Baker Blues Festival.

Spring 2011

5-12-2011: Great things are happening, Tomorrow starts the Festival Season at Untapped in Kennewick, and we're there at the Crows Nest Friday Night with Jim King's fabulous new band! It'll be a dancing party all around.

We're also looking forward to our very first appearance at Mt. Baker on July 30th. It's a great festival lineup of entertainment this year. The band will not be at Sunbanks, but give Chris a holler, he'll be playing again with Billy Ray Danger and the Rectifiers.

This year at the WBS BB Awards in the Triple Door, not only did I get to do a song on that stage with the Stacy Jones Band, Doug Skoog, and one killer horn section, but for the second year I was honored with the Blues Electric Guitar award. I don't know how to thank everyone who voted enough, I am am both overjoyed and humbled by this. But that also means I have to practice that much harder again this year to really "earn it". :)

Finally, we just got our first set of of copies of the Sunbanks Live! CD. We will make these available at Untapped, and a few performances as they last, then our "Unofficial CD Release Party" at the Oxford June 3rd and 4th. After that, as soon as I can figure out how to rig it up here, we will have the CD available here for Online purchase.

January - February Update!

2-24-2011: Things have been quiet for the band lately, but not without a lot of activity behind the scenes. As of today we have two summer blues festivals booked, and are hoping for consideration for a few more. We have great slots scheduled at UnTapped Blues and Brews and Mt. Baker Blues!

CD Spent about 6 months working in Portland, but returned to the Seattle area completely as of February 1st (and is hunting for gigs as hard as anyone).

We have finished the mixing the Live Album and hope and expect to have all the artwork, printing, etc. completed before the festival appeances! Dave Keefer captured our blistering set at Sunbanks last spring, and We took the raw audio to Richard Williams at Plum Tree Studios... and we did as little as possible to give a raw, dynamic, live experience with a minimum of studio trickery and absolutely no studio overdubs. We are also currently writing original material to prepare for our first studio recording.

More December News!

12-27-2010: We've been shouting it on Facebook, but we're late here. We have a great venue for our New Year's Eve celebration! Rooney's in Woodinville! Please check the calendar for more details.


CD and the rest of the band hope that everyone has a joyous new year. Please expect great things from us in 2011.


November - December Update!

11-18-2010: While the band is currently taking a bit of a break from our regular performances, no way are we taking it easy. Our first big news is that CD's trip to Portland has gotten some attention, and we are now starting a partnership with Tour Agent and Artist Manager Jan Bisconer and Showtyme Productions. We are excited by the possibilities of taking the band to a new level.

We are also attempting to assemble a Live Recording. We are gathering, evaluating, and pre-mixing anything we can get our hands on to put together the best possible CD we can. Stay tuned!


We also haven't locked in a New Years Eve date yet. We'll look for the right one, or we'll celebrate with y'all. Look forward to more great things in the coming year!


~CD & the band


 September-October Update!


9-27-2010: We have been busy the past couple of months! We were top billed at a new Blues celebration in the Tri-Cities area. We did two outdoor festivals in one day back in August (just don't ask C.D. about the hike to load in at Hempfest. Oy...) Plus, our friend Wes Plate put together a little video spot that we think is going to convince a few more folks to book the band in a place near you. Click the Video Press Kit link. We are working to get more good stuff out there soon, stay tuned.

The down side is while we were doing all that stuff and taking care of our daily lives, we didn't have the time to hustle more gigs; so we're now looking to fill in spots in our calendar. We are encouraged by some opportunities, and really getting some good buzz out in the street (THANK YOU, FANS!) so once we catch our breath, we should be ready to play our butts off for you soon, and I got a LOT of butt that I can work off!




Welcome to the New Website

7-26-2010: We are still have some dusting up and construction to do, and much more stuff to add, but we're doing our best to get it together, and I'm getting more education on making a website. Keep checking back to see what the band is doing next.

Also: rumors of my abandonment of the Seattle area are greatly exaggerated. While it's true that I have a temp job in the Portland area, the band is still together, we have gigs booked and are looking for more, and I still have my Redmond apartment. I will be using my temporary relocation during the work week to try to expand the band into a regional entity, we'll see how this experiment works. The guys in the band, me, Fish, Chris, Don, and Mike are doubling down our efforts and commitment where others might put things on hold or call it a day. My guys are incredible, and I'm lucky to have them.