CD Woodbury - Guitarist, Vocalist, & Songwriter

Within the last five years, CD Woodbury has transformed himself from journeyman sideman and “the NW’s best kept secret” into an internationally recognized rising star of the Pacific NW blues scene with his work as singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the CD Woodbury Band. Their debut studio album, “Monday Night!” charted internationally in its genre and was the Roots Radio Report’s #1 album from Washington State for 30 straight weeks. CD Woodbury has seven Best of the Blues awards from the Seattle based Washington Blues Society including performer of the year, songwriter, NW recording, and 3 times for electric guitar. Now on his own, CD is currently performing contemporary blues, roots music, rhythm & blues, jazz, and New Orleans influenced music with his newly formed trio of himself, Don Montana on drums (CDWB, Tim Casey and the Bluescats), and bassist Patrick McDanel (Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers, Brian Nova).  

C.D. Woodbury has performed in Texas Roadhouses and in Stadiums. He has performed for two US Presidents, foreign dignitaries, and Jimi's music for the Hendrix family. He has jammed with jazz legends, international blues stars, and has worked with sidemen to the biggest rock acts. Though he has played many styles, he always returns to the blues and American roots music on his guitar. 

The Washington Blues Society awarded CD Woodbury BB Awards eight awards, including Songwriter, Blues Performer, and three times for Electric Guitar. 

In 2013, The CD Woodbury Band released "Monday Night!", which gained international airplay and was consistently in the Roots Report charts Blues Top 50 and at #1 for their WA State Roots Radio chart for more than 6 months. "Monday NIght!" was selected to represent the Washington Blues Society for The Best Self-Produced CD competition in the International Blues Challenge and was named a top 5 finalist for the same CD competition. The band made several appearances at Jerry Lee Lewis' Club during that week, and the club revived the title "King's of Beale Street" and gave the band the 2014 bragging rights.

In 2015 the CD Woodbury Band returned to the IBC as a performer, and reached the Semi-Final level, performing immediately after that year's Finals winner, Eddie Cotton Jr. They did achieve another bit of bragging rights in Memphis that year: while hundreds of acts from all over the world were doing every performance they could for any and all exposure they could get, the CD Woodbury Band was paid to perform Friday night on Beale Street at Jerry Lee's.


The CD Woodbury Band

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